We’re baaack!

The StibbeFam is back in North Dakota. Well, we have been for 9 months, but who’s counting? Some days I have to pinch myself that this long journey is finally over. For so many years it was a constant countdown: The days until med school was over, the days until we saw family again, the days until residency was over…. And now, it’s over. For the most part, we are settled, and it’s a stranger feeling than I’d like to admit. The “Live in the Now” sentiment has never felt more pressing and necessary.

I feel the need to recap quickly, and then I will hopefully be able to devote more time to all of the new and exciting things happening in our world.

Grandma Stibbe, the kids and I left Denver in early June. Shockingly, I didn’t cry—I just refused to look at the mountains in my rear view mirror. Denver gave us one incredible year. The weekend trips, the schools, the people who embraced our crazy family immediately…I loved it all. What I didn’t love was never seeing my husband – fellowship year was a lot like intern year and I am so thankful it is over.  Adam followed us a few weeks later and started his “real world” job three days after returning to Fargo. We never like to take it easy 😉 

We ventured through Omaha on our road trip home and it was tough to leave. A piece of my heart will always belong to Omaha. Our family started there and I’m so grateful for all of the experiences we had, memories we made, and lifelong friends that were there during some of our hardest days. But isn’t that what life is all about? Being grateful for what you had, and being able to move on and make the most of your new normal?

As much as I hate to admit it, Fargo has been amazing for us. Our neighbors have already turned into dear friends and the kids absolutely love living in a home where they can put pictures on the walls (or in Eli’s case… holes in the walls).  I absolutely love Sam and Jack’s school and cannot believe how nervous I was.  Eli has had the toughest time adjusting to Fargo but lives for his one-on-one time with the grandparents. And Claire? That girl has grown leaps and bounds since our move. The kids in our neighborhood are so good with her and are really good about asking what they should do to help her. Our sweet neighbors B and E are dreams – Claire has a crush on B, and E is the best “big sister” figure I could have ever hoped for.

I’m a Fargo girl, born and bred. It has been so fun showing the boys our childhood homes, watching them play with our friends’ kids, and having Grandma stop over with donuts. This new normal is pretty great.















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