Claire Turns 2

Last Friday, our sweet girl turned 2. TWO. Two years of my life as this blue-eyed baby girl’s mama.

I did not know my heart could love so much. Your three brothers should have been indication enough that my heart could stretch to include a fourth child, but I was wary. We were stretched thin already—three boys within 23 months of each other. The closest family 6 hours away. “What had we done?” crossed my mind often in the weeks and days leading up to your birth.

But I was getting my girl. I love your brothers so fiercely, and was incredibly insulted when people had the audacity to say “I bet you’re so happy to finally have a girl!” I’d tell them as much, but inside I was beaming. Dreaming of pigtails, bows, dresses, and having you play in my wedding dress.

The day came, and I was a bundle of nerves. My pregnancy was emotional, and full of up’s and down’s, but on April 21, 2015, all of that came to a halt—you became ours. We could finally snuggle and adore you flesh to flesh.

I have watched you for two years now—a tiny little nursling transformed into a feisty toddler. Your spunk and grit, and outright determination to do things your way, at your own time, blows me away.

Your daddy and I love you so much, Claire Perie. Thank you for being our girl.

2nd birthday


Claire’s 1 year post:

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