Pre-K and Preschool!

My boys started school on Tuesday! Sam and Jack are in pre-k and Eli started his first year of preschool. We talked about school a lot over the summer to prepare them for their new teachers/classrooms. All 3 are in separate classes! I am fairly certain Adam and I were far more nervous about them being split up than they were. While we knew it was the right decision, there’s always a difference between thinking about doing it and actually doing it. But the boys have done awesome! They love their teachers, are excelling on their own, and are so happy to see each other at the end of the day.

Today they even had a trial for soccer camp! Once a week they are going to have soccer after class. Sam and Jack are not what I would call “into sports,” and Eli is just a wild card, so I was excited to see how they would do. Jack–awesome. Listened to Coach Ben, did all of the dribbling/kicking (clearly I’m not a soccer player), and was super engaged with a bunch of the other kids. Sam did fairly well too–he got a little nervous and kept looking back at me for the first 5 minutes, but after that he was great! He prefers to throw the ball, and run around versus staying still and doing the skills, but whatever–the kid interacted with a large group for over a half hour. Huge victory in our book! Eli… Oh Eli. He’s just a crazy man, and ran literal circles around the gym for almost the entire time. Well, he did take a break to shout “Mommy!! Mommy!! I need to potty!!” so there’s that 😉

Our relationship with the boys has already improved. I think it was just time to go back to school and get back into a routine.

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  1. Myrt Armstrong says:

    Wonderful kids and glad Mom is getting a break!

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  2. Dorothy Hoffelt says:

    Oh, Trish,
    I so remember the first day of school that all 3 of my children went to Clara Barton! As I made sure that our youngest son (Pete) was situated in his classroom, I did a “Yes” pose in the hallway; another Mom said very judgementally, I hope I never feel like that! Obviously, she had not walked in my shoes!! You and Adam have parented your children, as no one else could, to this amazing point in their lives. Enjoy the major accomplishments that you are experiencing and that your children are, too!

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