Half Birthday Updates

Sam 4.5 years Jack 4.5 years old Eli 2.5 years

These kids are amazing me every day. Amazing me with how much I love them and how much I can’t stand the toddler/preschooler meltdowns… 😉


  • Still has occupational therapy and physical therapy twice a week. Absolutely LOVES his therapists Kristi and Danielle.
  • Eating more and more– we are now working towards chewing faster and taking bigger bites.
  • Can now pedal a bike!
  • Has an incredible memory– can recite lines from almost every single movie we have ever seen. (This does, however, get incredibly irritating as he prefers to talk movies versus real conversation)
  • Bookworm– is probably the happiest reading books.


  • Starting to get more physical and “boy”– loves soccer and running outside.
  • Going through a huge growth spurt– is about 2 inches taller than Sam and eats nonstop! I love it.
  • Wants to help with anything and everything– loves to use Adam’s tools.
  • Terrified of the swimming pool… We are working on this, but it hasn’t been going so great lately.
  • Loves to draw, especially smiley faces and “dinosaurs” 🙂


  • Semi-potty trained!!! This has been his biggest milestone and one I can’t really take too much credit for. He basically trained himself. To be clear– he still needs to be reminded and has YET to poop on the potty. However, I’d say 90% of the time he has a dry pull-up and if he does wet it, it’s more than likely because we were outside or running errands.
  • LOVES the water. Anything physical. The kid is a beast.
  • Can count to 20 and sings the ABC’s. Simultaneously making mommy’s heart burst with pride and break in two realizing how big he is getting.
  • Favorite activity is hitting, throwing, pushing, yelling, screaming… you get the picture.
  • ^^^While the above is true, it is also true that he is the absolute sweetest Momma’s Boy out there… loves to cuddle, is incredibly polite (says Thank You and Please always), and has a very hard time being put to bed without a million snuggles and “Wuv you’s”.

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  1. Myrt Armtrong says:

    What an amazing family. Love them all. You are surely blessed,

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