May 2014

**Edited to add: the twins FINALLY reached a huge milestone! They are both over 30 pounds!

Sam 42 months

Jack 42 months

Eli 19 months

The video of Sam made us so incredibly happy! He was very hungry that day–we spent the morning at the park with their “girlfriends” and at 11:15 Sam was asking for mac-n-cheese! I happily obliged. That night, since Adam was home and it was beautiful outside, we grilled hamburgers. We always give Sam small portions of what we eat, but he almost never eats the protein. Well… he asked Adam for a bite of his hamburger, Adam was more than happy to share, and Sam proceeded to eat 1/4 of Adam’s hamburger! We were elated. Hoping this trend continues and he is able to strengthen his jaw muscles that are necessary for chewing larger quantities and amounts.

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Adam woke up early to get me Starbucks and made egg sandwiches. Yum! Shelly came over that night, and we had chicken tacos. Well… that was the plan. A horrible storm popped up and Adam took Shelly to park her car in a nearby underpass. In the 6 minutes they were gone, I started to serve the boys dinner. Eli starts to cough, I think he’s choking, and then he vomits all over me. Poor kid didn’t know what to do. I threw him in the sink, tried to wash him off a little bit (that didn’t go well), and thankfully Adam and Shelly came back to help. We then heard tornado sirens, I started to collect all of the necessities (blankets, books, water, food, etc) while Adam and Shel dressed the kiddos in PJ’s. Realizing we weren’t in the tornado path, we all calmed down a bit. Then the intense storm started, and we had fun watching it. Eventful Mother’s Day 2014 🙂Mothers Day 2014

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