Eli 11 months

(Finally posting this– oops)

Eli 11 month

*GREAT eater. Eats everything except honey. I highly recommend baby-led-weaning!

*Speed crawler.

*Not walking yet– will take 3 steps, then fall flat on his face. He stands for 20+ seconds, and just bounces and laughs. Pretty cute.

*Not sure how much he weighs, but based on just holding them, I think he’s only a pound less than Jack…

*Enjoys being “tackled” by his brothers. The boy is a brute. He can hold his own.

*Still using his Nuk. We had weaned him down to only using it at nap time, but then his molars started to come in… Now he’s back on it most of the time. I could care less– Nuk’s are cute 🙂

*Excellent napper and sleeper. We lucked out big time.

*Still gets a bottle in the morning and before bed. Otherwise, only sippy cups. He actually prefers the “big boy” cups, but that’s just too big of a mess to use unless he’s sitting down in his highchair.

*HUGE people person. Wants to be held by everyone, wants to be heard, and loves attention.

*When he gets the chance to snuggle, he’ll take it. Melts my heart! (he fell asleep on Adam a few days ago and I may have shed a tear)

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