Wrap for a Cause

I have been reading the Kincaid Parade blog since I was pregnant with the twins. Rachael is an incredible mother to 2 step-children and 4 children of her own (twin girls!). Her blog posts always make me think, and a few weeks ago she posted this story. It devastated me.

Our story of Sam and Jack is full of grief. But we are beyond blessed to say we still have these two little miracles. Even now, thinking about almost losing Sam can cause me to start crying. I think it has been hitting me more than usual lately because Sam had his yearly MRI of his brain last week. Last year it wasn’t the greatest sight– there was still a lot of “crap” in his brain. The “crap” is debris in his ventricles from his meningitis. However, this MRI showed us some amazing news– there is hardly any debris left! His brain looks like a normal 2-year-old (minus the 2 shunts). To say we are lucky is an understatement.

Reading Diana’s story, about her losses and grief, has been on my mind since I first read the words. I cannot even begin to imagine what she and her family went through, are going through, and will continue to go through. There are so many families that experience this loss, or birth complications, etc.

The StibbeFam doesn’t have a lot of money, but I wanted to do something to help out this family. I’ve been successful with ItWorks! and would like to do a donation week. 100% of all proceeds from 9/13-9/20 will be donated to the March of Dimes and Diana’s family (50/50 split).

What does this mean? Visit my website www.tightenwithtrish.com and sign up to be a Loyal Customer. If you have questions, visit my FB page or shoot me an email.

Getting some awesome product and doing it for a good cause? Win-Win!

Please, please, also say a prayer for this woman and her family. And for all the families that aren’t as lucky as we are.

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