The twins started back up at their YMCA Terrific 2’s preschool last week. They LOVE it there!

Their teachers promised me they both did really well. Sam even made it until the last 10 minutes without getting into trouble. People… that is AMAZING for him! 🙂

Jamie and Sean are teaching this year. It’s so fun for the boys to have a male teacher! Both Jamie and Sean were incredibly impressed by the twins – they know all their letters and numbers, and can pick them out at random. Jamie kept telling me, “Trisha, that is NOT normal for 2.5 year olds! That’s not even normal for most 3.5 year olds!” PROUD mommy over here 🙂 They’ve been able to do this for a few months, and it always impresses people. I’m so used to it now. They love “spelling”– Jack constantly asks what words say, and makes me spell everything.

They go twice a week for 2.5 hours. LOVE this time with just Eli. We usually run an errand or two, and then I’ll come back to the Y to drop him off in the childcare center so I can get a workout in. We don’t live that close, otherwise I’d love to use that time to come home and do some stuff around the house!

I’m so happy we found this program. It has made a world of difference in their communication, social skills, etc. Sam is actually up to 3-word sentences now, so I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next month!

Get a load of these pictures… how CUTE are they?!?! And these pictures pretty much sum up their personality– Jack is a total cheeseball and wants to be perfect (and he is), while Sam is plotting how quickly he can run away and destroy the paper he’s holding. (also… I really think they are starting to look more alike. Some days it’s even hard for me to tell them apart at first glance!)

Jack 1st day 2013 Sam 1st day 2013 twins 1st day 2013

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