Twins 33 months

Better late than never, right? I figured since I take a monthly picture of Eli, I should of the twins! I have always felt horrible that I didn’t continue with their monthly pictures in their first year, and we don’t do portrait shoots, so NOW IS THE TIME! Every month I’ll take pics of the twins now, along with Eli 🙂

Love these two so much!!!

Jack 33 months Sam 33 months

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  1. Rachel Ray-Price says:

    Checked in because I am missing my Wednesday mornings with the Stibbes, and I am so glad that I did! Look at these boys! I hope that all is going well. Getting so big! Email me when you can to fill me in on all things Stibbe boys…..Rachel

  2. heather says:

    omg. I love that Sam sings to Macklemore. that cracks me up!

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