Eli 10 months

Eli 10 monthLook at this kid! Uhh…. He is perfection.

*Took his first step this morning! (and fell on his face, but whatever…)

*Only has a bottle in the morning and before bed now. Otherwise, sippy cups!

*Eats like a champ. Or maybe like a normal 10-month-old? Either way, it’s impressive.

*Climbs the stairs.

*Into EVERYTHING. Everything. Dishwasher, trash cans, storage bins, Lego bins, etc…

*Still the happiest baby in the world–except when it’s time to change diapers. Then he is the antithesis of the happiest baby.

*Obsessed with his brothers. Wants their food, their cups, their toys…

*Talks nonstop. Can say DaDa and MaMa.

*Looks really good in blue 🙂

Some outtakes…

DSC_0010 DSC_0012 DSC_0014 DSC_0021


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