9 months

(a few weeks late… I’ll be as true to his 9-month abilities as possible!)

Eli 9 monthAt 9 months, Eli…

*is an expert crawler

*pulls to stand

*creeps on furniture

*eats about 95% table food/finger food

*typically hates being spoon-fed purees (we did Baby Led Weaning for the most part–loved it!)

*drinks water out of a sippy cup (we like the Nuk brand, but they don’t make what we use anymore!)

*great sleeper!

*eats 4 times a day– breakfast: bottle followed by food, lunch: bottle followed by food, snack: bottle, and dinner: food, followed by bottle before bed.

*loves to talk! This boy is LOUD 🙂

*back to using the Nuk– I am okay with this! He loves the darn thing, and while it would be nice to be 100% done with it, it keeps him in the Baby Phase a little longer…

*completely enamored by his brothers. He hates “baby” toys and only wants to play with what his brothers are playing… Which creates some drama around here 😉

We are so lucky to have this healthy, beautiful, little Cabbage Patch doll in our lives!

Eli 9 month all three

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