Eli 8 months

Eli 8 month

This is the best we could do for his 8  month picture! This kid is on the move… He’s now pulling himself to stand, and we are moving the crib to the lowest setting ASAP.

He’s loving new foods, and it is so fun to watch him try new things. His favorites are banana and yogurt. I tried giving him an egg the other day and he absolutely flipped. Maybe we’ll try that one again in a few weeks 😉  Just this afternoon I gave him some watermelon– not too fond of that either. Probably the texture!

I know most parents say this about their children, but this kid is the absolute cutest baby ever! He has the best demeanor and is constantly smiling and talking to any and all people. To be fair, I have to admit he is an absolute nightmare when we change diapers and when it’s dinner time. Any other time of day he is perfect, but dinner hits, and ugh…. Let’s just say we DREAD dinner. He gets all bottles now as this momma is done nursing.

He is still infatuated with his brothers, and has an absolute blast watching them do the “big kid” stuff. I’m afraid he will be an early walker… That will be crazy having all 3 walking!




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