Eli 7 months

Eli 7 month

Dear Eli–

At 7 months, you have amazed us all. Here are some stats:

  • You eat 4 times a day.
  • When you see your bottle, you scream. Loudly. So we hide it from you until the very last second.
  • You have solids about twice a day, but at least once.
  • You have started finger foods! Watching you eat a big banana or avocado makes my heart melt.
  • In the last week, you have started to crawl.
  • You have 6.5 teeth– 3 on bottom, and 3.5 on top.
  • You no longer want your Nuk–this makes me ridiculously sad! And also annoyed… when you were fussy in the past, I could just pop in your Nuk. Now, you just stay fussy and get more mad when I try to encourage the Nuk.
  • Both Daddy and I have heard you say DaDa. And we turned to mush.
  • Absolutely in L.O.V.E. with your brothers. They can do no wrong. Even when they poke your eyes.
  • You’re pretty bald, but the little hair you do have is a light brown. My brown-haired, blue-eyed little boy.
  • In an average week, I get told you look like a Cabbage Patch Doll at least once.

Eli 7 month collage

I’m not going to lie… Seeing you become more of a big boy and less of a baby makes me incredibly sad. I didn’t think the baby stage would end so soon! With your brothers, I wanted nothing more than for them to crawl, talk, etc… But you can slow down if you want! This time is too precious and since you’re more than likely our last child, I want to savor all of these little moments.

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