6 months!

Eli– this month you are halfway to a year old. What?!?! My sweet baby boy… You have brought so much joy to our lives. Thank you for being our son.

Eli 6 month

6-month-stats (he doesn’t have an appointment until April 15, so I’ll have to update this then!)
*Perhaps our most stubborn child yet
*LOVES FOOD. It’s almost embarrassing! He will scream bloody murder until he gets to eat. Not his best asset 😉
*Just starting to army crawl. I’m constantly amazed at how quickly “normal” babies do this!
*Has a special bond with Sam. Sam loves to help give him a bottle, play Peek. A Boo, and tickle E (more like tackle, but the intent is tickling 🙂 )
*Sleeps on his tummy! The first time I walked in and saw him on his tummy I had a minor heart attack.
*Eats 5 times a day still. We are slowly weaning his last bottle (5oz), and trying to push back his 7:00 feed to closer to bedtime (8:00).
*Consistently wakes up between 6:45-7:00.
*Sits on his own! I always have a boppy around him because he will still fall over after a while, and it’s always when I’m not around to catch him (naturally).
*Loves to be “worn”– we are using an Ergo carrier, and the kid loves it! I can cook dinner, fold clothes, etc all while carrying him. It’s also nice to use on walks and when the twins are playing outside.

DSC_0007 DSC_0010

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