5 months!

Happy 5 months to Eli!

Some notable things about Little Man:

–learned how to sit up a few days ago!

–had his first taste of real food! Avocado is his favorite. (my plan was to wait a little longer, but he sits with us at the dinner table and basically drools and will cry until we feed him!)

–eats only 5 times a day now. He wakes up at 7:00, almost on the dot, and eats about every 4 hours during the day.

–he is not a great napper. Nope, not at all.

–but he IS a great sleeper at night! We put him down with the twins at 8:00pm and do a “dream feed” at 10:15pm (feed him without waking him up)

–pretty positive he is teething, because he needs something in his mouth at all times. His favorite? A spoon. Loves the handle!

–he is a solid roller– front to back, back to front. Loves to move.

Eli 5 monthHere are my 3 little boys…. How precious are these kids?!?!

DSC_0001 DSC_0018 DSC_0048

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