Our family Golden Retriever, Reagan, passed away on Saturday morning at the too-young age of 11.

She was an incredible dog, and we all miss her greatly.

If you’re not a dog person, you won’t understand the emotional mess we have been under. If you are a dog person, you will know that these last few days have been incredibly hard. I can’t even begin to describe how much I miss her. I may not have lived at home for many years, but Reagan was never any less a part of my life.

My parents and sister are understandably taking this very hard, as are their remaining dogs Riley and Roxy. Reagan was their leader, and loved playing the role 🙂

Reagan was so sweet, so gentle, and so full of life. Her loyalty to my dad was an incredible thing to see. It took Man’s Best Friend to a new level.

My family got bad news about Reagan’s liver about 3 weeks ago. There was a second test done about 10 days ago and they got worse news last Friday. Unfortunately my dad had to leave for a business trip that Sunday– without saying it, I think everyone was scared he wouldn’t see her again.

But that sweet, amazing dog waited for her Master to come home. My dad got back Friday, and she passed away Saturday. She wanted to say good-bye.

Adam, the kids and I were so lucky to see her right before she passed. It’s funny how timing works out. Sam and her had a blast playing and chasing each other. She cuddled with a sick Jack and sniffed out baby Eli.

We miss you greatly Reagan.

Now go tell the Big Guy it’s time to eat 🙂

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  1. Grandpa O says:

    Thanks for writing such a fitting tribute to Reagan, Trish! I could write a book about all the happiness she brought our family, but the way she bonded with Sam & Jack will be one of my fondest memories. She loved it when they were here and would sleep for a day straight to recover from all the excitement after they left.

  2. Ashley (Kasowski) Meagher says:

    Hi Trisha,
    I’m so sorry to hear about losing your dog Reagan. Pets are your family, and when one passes, it really feels as though a family member has passed. I’ve lost both our family cats in recent years. We adopted them as kittens when we were in sixth grade, and that was really hard. Pets become part of who you are as you grow up. Your post had me in tears just thinking of what you are going through. I hope you can find encouragement and joy in your pictures and videos of Reagan. How special that your children were able to know her too. I’m thinking of you, Trisha! Take care, Ashley

  3. Grandma Stibbe says:

    What a wonderful tribute to Reagan. I know how important dogs are to your family and I too, am so happy that the boys had such fun times with her.

  4. Grandma O says:

    Trish, thanks for the beautiful post about Reagan. The sun hasn’t been shining as bright as usual this week. 😦
    Reading your tribute made me remember why we loved her so much. Reagan really bonded with the boys and her special connection with Sam always moved me. Like the saying goes, I wish I was half the person my dog thinks I am.

  5. Randy & Nancy says:

    Beautiful tribute, Trisha. Take Care
    Love- Nancy

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