Twins Turn Two!

Yesterday Sam and Jack turned 2. TWO YEARS OLD. How did this happen?! How did my little men grow up so fast?!

(I’m already in tears as I write this…)

Every second of every day I am so thankful for my two little miracles. They have brought so much joy to my life, and to the lives of so many others. Without them, I don’t know where I would be or what I would be doing. I would be much more immature, much more selfish, and much less brave.

Sam–you are my rockstar. For every can’t or will never do, you showed us that you CAN and DO. Your spirit is infectious. Now that you walk, your world has opened up–and you explore everything with delight, and utter fascination. I think because of your past, you are so confident in the future. “So what if I don’t eat?” “Who cares if I don’t talk yet?” Your soul has seen other things that we will never know, and because of that, you know what is important in life. Laughter, having fun, and just being you.

Jack–my buddy. My pal. My momma’s boy. There is never a day where you don’t melt my heart. You are so sweet and loving, but also becoming incredibly independent. Gone are the days when you willingly hold my hand. The minute Daddy gets home, you want to be roughhoused. Wrestling is your favorite thing right now. Your brother is your best friend, and while you might be able to do (physically) more than he can, you always make sure he is never too far behind.

Adam and I rarely talk about the NICU anymore.  We don’t like to think about that time in our/their lives. We look forward to the future, because for these two kids, it is so bright.


Here are some new videos, and a little trip down memory lane… 🙂

Sam-Big Yawn!


Sam’s 1st outfit! 🙂

so, so happy!
Let’s go guys!
Mya and her brothers!
4 Generations!
Presenting DOCTOR Stibbe and Family!!!
I sit by myself now… most of the time!
Such a happy boy!

Brotherly love 🙂