Happy Due Date to Me!

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My due date has come and gone… And no baby. With no labor signs, pretty sure it will be some time on Tuesday!

The boys and I had a great week of playdates, playgrounds, and gyms. Adam and I had a great time with Sam and Jack this weekend too. Lots of walks, went out to eat, playing outside… It’s been a semi-emotional weekend too, as every thing we did was our “last time as a family of 4.” While they had colds, I’m pretty sure they were on their best behavior all weekend. So cute! Tons of giggling, tons of playing, and tons of wrestling (sorry Jack… Sam beat you 99% of time time).

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So here are our final predictions for this baby: Trish / Adam

Birthdate: Tuesday, Oct. 9th / Tuesday, Oct. 9th

Weight: 7lbs, 10oz / 7lbs, 11oz

Gender: Girl / “I am not putting that on the blog.”

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  1. Randy & Nancy says:

    Sounds like everyone’s having lots of fun in the Stibbe household! Can’t wait to hear that the newest member of the family has arrived! Take Care. Love to all…Nancy

  2. Carol says:

    Good Morning to the Stibbe family—-sounded like a great weekend for all of you…thanks for sharing the pics! Since October 7th is Elton and my anniversary, I was hoping all day that you would be in labor and that before midnight we would hear all about it! Who knows, maybe that’s going on right now….here’s wishing you a speedy labor and delivery…. know that we’ll all be waiting for the exciting news! This baby is going to have 2 fantastic big brothers! Love and hugs to everyone…….Carol

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