It’s Official: We have TWO walkers

My little Sam is a walking machine! Not 100% of the time yet, but he is doing so well. I would say at home he is on his two feet about 65% of the time– he can’t go from the ground to standing without crawling to something yet, and falls down from time to time, but I would say he is a walker.

He gets so excited when he has been walking for a long time and Mom or Dad smile at him, that he gets too excited and falls down– and then $hit hits the fan. He HATES falling. And Adam and I have to stop ourselves from busting out laughing. As horrible as it is to laugh at this… it is too cute not to share!

Jack has gotten used to his big brother walking around, but the first few days his expression was priceless. “What’s this kid doing? I’m the walker!”

I wish Sam was more confident and would walk in public without assistance (he’s an expert hand/finger holder), but all in due time, right?! I mean, Jack still has major issues when it comes to walking in public. To a person who has never been shy, I don’t understand these kids of mine!

In other news…

1. My baby sister is ENGAGED!

That’s right, Krysta and Jordan got engaged! 🙂 I could not be happier. Jordan is an awesome guy, with an awesome family. Her ring is stunning, so he gets bonus points there too 🙂

2. I’m STILL pregnant!

Had my 39-week appointment today and here are the results: pretty much all thinned out, but Baby’s head is so far down that Dr. Evans cannot get to the opening of my cervix to check IF and HOW dilated I am. She’s fairly confident I’m dilated, but without completely knocking me out, it would be too painful to determine (and it was painful just having her check as much as she could today). Hmm…and I want to have a normal delivery why?!? Just kidding. I am still 100% excited to attempt a VBAC, and we decided today that if I don’t deliver by my due date (Oct. 7th), I will have my water broken on Oct. 9th to try and induce labor without the use of pitocin (a no-no in the VBAC world). If I don’t go into active labor and progress after 12 hours, we’ll do a c-section. AHH! So, that’s the deal folks. There will be news of some sort by next Tuesday at the latest! I haven’t had any real contractions, but have definitely experienced Braxton Hicks.

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