Top 10 Reasons to be Thankful

  1. I am Thankful for my husband. Without him, I would not be half as strong or half as brave. He has taken me from an “Ice Queen” to a loving, incredibly happy mother of 2.
  2. I am Thankful for my sons. Without them, I would not know the amount of love my heart is capable of giving and feeling.
  3. I am Thankful for parents and in-laws. They have supported us emotionally, financially, and physically in ways I couldn’t comprehend prior to the past year. Our family is incredible.
  4. I am Thankful for my sister and brother-in-law. Amazing godparents, amazing aunt and uncle, and amazing people. I am proud to know them and have my children look up to them.
  5. I am Thankful for our extended family. The emails, the cards, the gifts, the cookies in the mail… Each one puts a smile on my face and reminds me that people across the country are thinking of us.
  6. I am Thankful for our friends. Experiencing something like we have makes you realize who your true friends are.
  7. I am Thankful I live in a country where the medical knowledge is so great.
  8. I am Thankful for all the physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses we have worked with:
    • Dr. Evans–for referring me to Dr. Barsoom to monitor a twin pregnancy.
    • Dr. Barsoom–for diagnosing the TTTS and saving the twins.
    • Nurse Kristen in Labor & Delivery–for acting quick and alerting the resident and Dr. Barsoom that Sam’s condition was worsening, and I needed to deliver.
    • Dr. Zach–for being present at the birth of the boys and giving them the best chance at surviving post-partum.
    • ALL of the NICU nurses at Bergan… Not only did you take care of my sons, you took care of Adam and me those first few weeks.
    • Dr. Grebe, Dr. Needleman, Dr. Lees, and Dr. Sparks at Children’s Hospital…. for being incredible Neonatologists. Helping us understand Sam’s bowel perforation, and then the GBS, sepsis, and meningitis… And for ultimately saving his life.
    • ALL of the NICU nurses at Children’s… I literally cannot thank you enough. Every single day I am thankful you took care of the twins. There are many moments I don’t want to relive, but there are also many moments I think about often and make me smile.

9.  I am Thankful for all of the people who have contacted me via Facebook, our blog, and email… Some of the most thoughtful and meaningful messages have come from these newfound friends. Some are people I have never met, and some are friends I haven’t spoken to in several years.

10. Most of all, I am Thankful to God for never giving up on our family. Adam and I have had our relationship tested, our emotions tested, but we refuse to give up. You never gave up on us, and for that, I am eternally thankful.

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  1. Fred and Peggy says:

    It is true that there has been many special, talented and important people in your life but let it be known that you and Adam are AMAZING. I am so proud of your family and the fighters you all are. Ones faith can be questioned during times like this but the Stibbe Family always remembered that GOD IS GOOD!

  2. Krysta says:

    Way to make me teary on a Monday!!

  3. Grandma Laurie says:

    A beautifully written blog about a beautiful family.

    Thanksgiving has a new meaning since last November 4th and I, too, am thankful for all these things.

    Love you all.

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