We Love Daddy!

Adam was on vacation the last week, and let me tell you… it was AWESOME to have him home! Being a surgical intern isn’t the most enjoyable life, as Adam rarely sees the twins, and our husband-wife relationship consists of seeing each other for 45 minutes every night before he crashes and heads to bed.

So to have him home, 24 hours/day, was fantastic. Although we had at least one doctor’s appointment every day, Adam still found time to do a ton of things around the house, build a sofa table, help me with the boys, and just be a Dad and Husband again.

He was back to work effective Saturday night… Boo! Oh well, at least he is one-quarter of the way done with intern year. Have I told you how thrilled I am that he’s doing Radiology instead of Ortho? I can’t imagine having this be my life for the rest of Adam’s working days!

Sam is back to feeling 100%. Which is good (great) and bad (seems we also paid for a temper when we got the g-button!). I love seeing him like this though, as weird as it sounds. He steals toys from Jack, is more aggressive towards Mya, and actually gives me attitude. It’s amazing what happens when you get more nutrition and get a tube out of your nose!

We have to keep gauze around the g-button site for the next 2 weeks. It’s washed twice a day, and it looks great. Sam doesn’t even notice it, but is definitely a little more resistant to tummy time.

In Jack news, my poor baby has a fever! It’s just a virus, but ugh. Even after all our Sam drama over the past year, when Jack got sick yesterday morning… I panicked! What do we do? Call the doctor? Just Tylenol? Thank goodness I am married to a voice of reason, who told me to knock it off (in nicer words) and realize that this is a normal sickness, not one where we need to call the E.R.!

Even though he had a fever, Sam, Jack and I talked it over and we decided a trip to the park would still be a good decision. The boys sat in swings for the first time! And then S & J had a hissy fit, so we moved to the grass. Which was fine, because it meant more picture time!

Oh, and here’s a random picture of my diaper line… I keep promising our family members that I’ll put a picture on our blog. Isn’t it cute? I am so glad we have cute diapers, if only for this reason 🙂

And how could I forget… we had a little party for the boys last Friday. Here are some pics from that! We didn’t take many, which I’m a little sad about 😦

Cupcakes from Fargo made by Auntie K!

Thanks for our awesome outfits Uncle Paul!

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  1. Carol & Elton says:

    Trish–I got to the computer and was so excited to see that you had just put up a post!! Brought a smile to my face to see Jack and Sam at the playground and celebrating their big day!!! LOVED the diaper line–how cute is that??!!! Glad to hear Sam is doing well and a little ATTITUDE is always good!! I’m sure the week with Daddy home was wonderful for all of you–sounds like many things got done! Uncle Paul did a great job picking those outfits for the boys…..they look adorable. Love to everyone…Carol

  2. Krysta says:

    December cannot come fast enough!! They are the perfect way to celebrate my Christmas break! PS-I like the new shirt 😉

  3. Grandma Laur says:

    What kind of person can smile a huge beautiful smile only days after his 8th surgery?
    Only one person I know, the incredible, courageous SAM STIBBE!!!

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