Back and refreshed

The Stibbes had a wonderful vacation! We started off at Mantrap Lake with our friends Matt & Jenna and Tyler & Hattie. Matt’s parents Bob & Kristi were gracious enough to host us and we had so much fun with them too! Sunday morning, however, we got a call from my sister that Sam’s head felt full again…. So our plans to drive to MSP were derailed and back to Fargo we went. Thankfully, everything turned out fine. Sam caught Jack’s cold and basically it caused everything to inflame, including his poor head. We monitored him, and we felt comfortable enough to head to MSP Monday morning.

We had lunch with Tyler and then shopped at IKEA and MOA. We got way too much stuff at IKEA, and I’m not complaining 🙂 We had dinner with (a different) Matt & Nikki on Lake Minnetonka. I almost didn’t leave. So, so beautiful. Nothing beats Minnesota lakes.

Adam and I spent the night and didn’t wake up until 10:45 Tuesday morning. AMAZING. We stopped at LOFT (my favorite store) and I dropped enough money to make me agree to open a credit card there. It was great. Well, for me at least 🙂

Fargo was filled with relaxation. Minus the part where everyone, except Adam and my mom, got sick with the most horrible cold known to mankind. But we still managed to have a wonderful time and see family and friends.

The Saturday before we left Adam’s cousins threw us another shower and we got some amazing gifts! I was told there was no need to send Thank You cards, so here’s my public Thank You to the Stibbe cousins/aunts 🙂 We saw the Burgum’s new (to us) lake cabin and it was an incredibly beautiful day. Again, nothing beats Minnesota lake country!

Sunday, it was back to Omaha. I was still feeling horrible… So horrible that I didn’t make it to work on Monday. We’re all feeling great now!

Our nanny started on Monday and the boys love her. It’s so nice to have them get 1:1 attention–well, in our case 2:1, but you know what I mean!

Updates on the boys:

Sam @ “5 months”:
*Still being tube-fed, and is the most stubborn kid I know.
*At (gestationally) 5 months old, he stares at everything with the most inquisitive look.
*He actively follows a book and “talks” to us about the book.
*Pretty laid-back, but has his moments when he needs to be heard.
*We finally found a formula that works for him! Although not as calorie-dense, he actually keeps it down instead of throwing almost everything up.
*As a possible result, little man is finally getting hair!
*Is a definite Mommy’s Boy – we’re buds.
*Depending on the store, wears 3-month sizes or 3-6 months.

Jack @ “5 months”:
*Eating solid foods, and loves everything so far. Asparagus, green beans, squash, and carrots– all homemade by his mommy.
*Absolutely loves the sound of his own voice. Talks non-stop and makes the cutest sounds. Some sounds, not so cute.
*Is a huge flirt, and smiles nonstop.
*He loves his toys. Doesn’t really have a favorite yet, but likes anything within reach to be in his hands.
*He smiles nonstop. Did I mention that already?
*Is off Captopril!!! That’s right folks, Jack’s heart is not currently a concern. While there is still some regurg, the doctors believe it’s getting better and don’t think medication is necessary anymore. Follow-up is in 6 months, so here’s to hoping!
*Likes his mommy too, but then again, he likes anyone.
*Depending on the store, wears 6-months sizes, and fits perfectly into 3-6 month sizes.

My little men are growing up!

Here are some pictures from vacation….

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  1. Carol & Elton says:

    Hi Trish & Adam—Sounds like everyone had a great vacation–complete with an unexpected trip back to Fargo and some vicious colds!!! Makes life interesting! Glad to hear you got in some great lake time with friends–I agree that there is nothing like time spent on a Minnesota lake!!! I’m sure the boys were spoiled rotten as they should be, and everyone enjoyed having their special one on one time with them while you guys were gone! Loved the pictures–they look so grown up! I think I’m going to have to play a little hand and foot with Sam–looks like that’s his game! Have a great weekend. Love and hugs to everyone….Carol

  2. Cute pics Trish! Sounds like your trip was a success! Love IKEA too-must’ve been a tight ride home with all the treasures you found along with shower gifts!! 🙂
    They are growing up- as the saying goes, ” the days are long… but the years are short”- so true!

  3. mellisa says:

    great picture!!They are absolutely adorable!
    thanks for sharing the picture.

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