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P.S. We’re on VaCaTiOn!!! We drove back to Fargo last night, and the boys are staying with the Oyos’. Today Adam and I are meeting some friends at their lake cabin and on Sunday we’re going back to Minneapolis for a few nights. Date night, IKEA, etc. Can’t wait!

I’ll try to update when we get back. Until then, have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Brenda Giebels says:

    Hello to all. We are getting so excited for our trip with Auntie Peggy and to see our babies Sam and Jack. They look so squeezable on all their pictures. Bennett, Madeline and I are always checking to see if there are new photos. Glad to hear you’re all moved into your new place. Hope you had fun with your much deserved time off in Fargo. Looking forward to seeing you and your beautiful family. Bye for now.
    Love, Auntie Brenda

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