We’re Not 21 Anymore

Adam and I had an awesome time with Murphy and Erin in Kansas City yesterday. We got dinner from Oklahoma Joe’s, grabbed some beer, and had dinner in the hotel room. Nothing fancy, and it was perfect.

We went out to Power and Light District, and, well, it was not like I remembered. The 4 of us enjoyed a “few” beverages, but weren’t really feeling the incredibly loud music, scantily clad girls, guido wanna-be’s, etc. We did play a rousing game of electronic put-put golf!

Several beverages later, we found a great spot on an outdoor patio and were able to just relax and talk. The 4 of us have so much fun together and we don’t really need the obnoxious bar scene anymore.

I tried not to be a nervous wreck and only called home a few times. Krysta had it under control! Minus pulling Sam’s nG out 😉 He had a little puking episode, and when he does that we always turn him onto his tummy. Well, he had his hand under his tube so he just dislodged it when he was turned over. He did well on the bottle for her though! And we are leaving the tube out the rest of the weekend to see what he does.

Oh, and to give my sister some huge props–she also had to deal with a teething Jack. Cry-at-the-top-of-my-lungs, poop every 2 minutes, chew on everything in sight Jack. Poor kid. We don’t see any actual teeth yet, but we have to change his outfit at least three times a day now because he drools everywhere. They’re growing up too fast!

Love you Krysta/Auntie K! Thank you for everything. Dealing with (gestationally) 3-month old twins is never dull 🙂 You are going to be an EXCELLENT NICU nurse in 18 months!

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  1. Krysta says:

    Love you too! Thanks for letting me take care of my best buds 😀 We stayed out of trouble for the most part 😉 They have completely changed my life and I couldn’t be any more grateful for that.

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