Tomorrow will be our first night away from the boys. An overnight trip. Away. From the boys. Can you tell I’m having a slight anxiety attack just writing this?! My sister, Krysta, is amazing, and made the 6-hour road-trip south to babysit for us! We’re going to Kansas City for the night with Murphy and Erin. Should be a ton of fun, but I’m already sad thinking about not kissing them goodnight. Krysta is fantastic with the boys, so they’re in great hands! My 4-page instruction “manual” may become 5 pages since I’m more than 15 minutes away, but we’ll see.

Last weekend was so much fun. Our good friend Logan arrived Friday, we had Golden Apple Saturday, and Sunday we had our last baby shower! Unfortunately, we didn’t make the Walk for Babies on Sunday. We woke up that morning, and after thinking about it, realized we just had too much on our plates. Plus, Sam ended up puking, so that made us both a little nervous the same thing would happen when we were a mile into the walk. Don’t worry, not an “episode,” just a normal baby puke, but we are uber careful with him!

The shower was so fun. Quite a few of our Omaha friends hadn’t seen the boys, or at least hadn’t seen them since they were in incubators, so getting to see 2 big and healthy boys was a treat for everyone πŸ™‚

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  1. Carol & Elton says:

    The first night away from the boys–definitely a night that every parent worries about!! I can still remember that night with Jamie–and she’s 31!! Sam, Jack and Krysta will have a great time hanging out and I’m sure you and your friends will have fun too. Love all the pictures–2 cool dudes in their shades!! I see some new cute hats going on here too–and how about that Sam the man enjoying a belly laugh at the end??!! Too adorable!!! Have a great weekend–Love to everyone—Carol

  2. Stef says:

    Hey – I would be happy to come help if Krysta needs it. Just let me know. I think we’re going to be in Omaha anyway for baseball (guess I should figure that out, huh?) but regardless, I’m here if you need. πŸ™‚ HAVE FUN!!! That is an order.

  3. Grandma Laurie says:

    You and Adam have a SUPER time, Trish. I know you’re going to be thinking about the boys constantly but they’re in the best of hands with K. She does get a little cranky if she’s hungry though. Be sure to have chips and salsa. That goes a long way with scoring points. LOL.

    I love all these pictures, they all tell a story. The pictures with Logan in are great. Sam looks so happy and Jack, well Jack looks like he does when Jack gets mad. πŸ˜‰

    And I adore the pictures of the boys with their cool shades.

    Lastly, the picture of Sam laughing is PRICELESS!

    Have fun in KC!

    Love you!

  4. Randy & Nancy says:

    Have a great time in Kansas City! I’m sure Krysta is very excited to have the boys all to herself. Great pictures. Love the ones of Jack and Sam in their shades and of Sam laughing. Have a fun weekend.
    Love to all…Nancy

  5. Nichole Heinz says:

    I still haven’t had a night away from Willow. Wow, you guys are brave!

    Are the boys seriously 6 months old…I can’t even believe it!

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