Just to quickly update everyone… I was admitted to the hospital after our appointment yesterday. The NST showed deceleration (“d-cels”) in heartbeat of Baby B, and Dr. Barsoom decided to get me admitted right away to continuously monitor the boys. He cautioned us that we may be delivering sooner rather than later, as in today even…

Since being here, B has had a few d-cels, but has overall looked really good. I’m on 24 hour monitoring/bedrest.

I was given a round of steroids yesterday and the second round today. This will help to improve their lung function should they come early.

Dr. Barsoom left our room just a short while ago and was extremely positive and happy with what he was seeing. Sounds like we won’t be delivering as soon as originally though, which is fantastic, considering 28 weeks is still really early! Survival rate is very high, but there’s a reason 36 weeks is “term” for twins.

I’ll probably be in the hospital until I deliver, which is fine because I think being home without all the monitoring would be a huge source of anxiety!

We appreciate all of your prayers, thoughts, and well wishes. Our family and friends have been AMAZING. My mom and dad came down this morning and it was so good to see them. It’s also been awesome to see how many great friends we’ve made in Omaha. It’s hard being away from home at a time like this, and the fact that we have such a strong support system is such a blessing. These boys are going to enter the world into a group of a ton of loving people… just not for a LONG time yet 🙂

We’ll keep you updated, but right now… positive thoughts!

Adam, Trish and the boys

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  1. Erin Odegaard says:

    Tricia – Thanks for the update. Your dad came with us to the Bison game a couple weeks ago and showed me some pictures! I will keep you and Adam and your baby boys in my prayers!! Take good care of yourself and you’re right…happy thoughts!!


  2. Codi Soule says:

    Hey girl. I can’t wait to see you. I have been thinking about you non stop since I was told you were in the hospital. Looks like all those prayers have done you some good. I am very excited to meet those little stinkers, just not yet so lets keep them cooking :). I will miss you but we will come up from time to time to keep you company and see your progress. I just could not be more happy with the results just from yesterday to today. It will do nothing but get better. Love ya girlie!

  3. Nichole Heinz says:

    I have been following your posts and I cannot stop thinking about all these trials that you have been facing. I know life is extremely tough right now, but the end result is so worth it. We will be thinking about you and praying for you through these tough times. Wishing you and the boys well…

  4. Grandma Laur says:

    We were here when the Dr brought the news that things were looking up again and the pressure in the room really dropped. The boys are amazing! I am biased but these boys are destined for great things!

  5. Carol and Elton says:

    Hi Trish and Adam—-I’ve been waiting for this to pop up!!! So good to hear about the good day today for everyone. Great place for you to be Trish—lay back and enjoy everyone waiting on you!!!!! We will hope those little fellas are content to be right where they are for awhile now!!!
    Stay in touch—stay positive—stay strong!!! Love & hugs—Carol

  6. Lisa, Derek and Annika says:

    Ahh. Sigh. A long road ahead but you are in good hands. Thanks for keeping your anxious friends updated. We will keep up the prayers going here.

  7. Randy & Nancy says:

    Hi Trish and Adam,
    Was so happy to hear that things are looking better. Such good news that the steroid shots will strengthen the little guys lungs. Prayers and good thoughts will continue to come your way! Love to you all!

  8. Barb Hanson says:

    Trisha and Adam,
    We are praying for you and the boys. All our love-Jeff and Barb

  9. Stefani says:

    Kate says she wants a road trip, so we’ll probably trek up on Friday after school drop off 🙂 any cravings or magazines/books/cds/movies you want?

  10. Jay, Stacey, Cade, Barron says:

    Hey guys! Just want you to know that we are thinking and praying for you all. So glad to hear of your great support system there in Omaha, as selfishly, Jay and I were just saying we wished you were closer. Take care of yourselves and know that we are thinking of you.

  11. Shannon says:


    Mom called earlier this evening and told me that you guys got some good news yesterday. I was so GLAD to hear this!!! How nice that your mom and dad could make it down to be with you. We love you Trish…. you and the boys are going to get through this:)


  12. Sue says:

    Hi Adam and Trisha,

    I have been so worried for all of you! I’m glad you had some good news. I’m sure having the monitor on does help with your peace of mind.

    Take care and I’ll keep you in my prayers! Can’t wait to meet those two special little babies (but not too soon)!


  13. carly sonsalla says:

    hey there guys! thinking of you!! If anyone can get through this, it’s you guys! good luck and know that i’m praying for you!! love ya!

  14. Fred and Peggy says:

    Adam and Trish,
    We know that you are in good hands and there are many prayers surrounding you. Glad that Brad and Laurie could be there for you Trish.
    Thanks for keeping us posted and we will talk to you soon. Those Stibbe boys are tough little guys!
    Lot of Love,

  15. Jamie & gang says:

    Hoping you had another great day today Trish. Take care of yourself- do you have the any of the Office season’s to watch while you are in the hospital now?!?! I’m sure your mom would gladly watch them with you! 😀
    Lots of love and prayers sent your way my dear- say hi to the family!

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