Back from my 10 day vacation…! It was fabulous. Let’s recap:

Thursday July 22nd– I drove back to Fargo and hung out with the family until Monday morning. My mom and I went maternity clothes shopping which was actually really fun. Once I put on the “fake belly” it became very real that one day soon I’ll look quite different! 🙂  We also went to a family friend’s wedding- Jenna Lee- and it was extremely fun.

Adam drove home from a bachelor party on Sunday night and Monday morning we left for Steamboat Lake for a week’s vacation with Jim and Laura! The cabin was beautiful. We only had one rainy day and we went to the nearby town of Walker, MN to hang out. The Boulger’s have two dogs, a boxer named Stella and a bulldog named Sharon- Sharon came with to the cabin and we were really hoping her and Mya would get along. Let’s just say that did not work out as planned… Mya was a scaredy-cat all week!

Friday morning we all left and headed to Minneapolis for our friends’ wedding- Jenna Schroeder and Matt Gorman. Friday night was the Groom’s Picnic and Saturday was the big event. Absolutely stunning bride and a fantastic reception! It was a bummer to leave everyone and all of the fun on Sunday afternoon, but I suppose the fun has to end some time.

In other news, I’m finally starting to show! Kind of… at least my pants are tighter 🙂  That could also just be all the food I ate during vacation, haha!

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  1. Peggy Stibbe says:

    Awesome pictures and I am very happy for all of you getting to see everyone and spending time together.
    I love this blog as it helps me keep up with the two of you.
    Thanks for starting it.
    Take good care of yourself and our GRANDBABIES:)

  2. nikkiandblake says:

    I am finding it really hard to believe that there are twins in that belly!

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