Week 13

I had another appointment today! No ultrasound this time, but made out two separate and distinct heartbeats. The first one was at 153 beats/minute and the other baby at 170. <–I think the one with the higher heart beat takes after me 🙂  It was sad not having Adam be there, but he was definitely more sad.

He’s doing great in Minneapolis and will be done on Friday already! This weekend he’s going to a bachelor party while I head home for a wedding. Then we’ll be meeting (finally!!) in lake country, MN for a week-long vacation with our friends, Jim and Laura. Cannot wait! Then the four of us will head to Minneapolis for another friend’s wedding. And then Adam is off to Kansas City for his next externship. Busy busy busy!

Mya and I have been staying busy ourselves. Okay, not really, but we manage to not get too bored and have found some pretty interesting TV shows to keep us entertained. It’s a lot easier to keep a house cleaned when there’s only one person to clean up after.

I would post an update of my belly, but I don’t have one yet… Once I get one, I’ll make sure I do 🙂

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