Glamping 2022

Blog-South Dakota 2022

Yet another unforgettable kickoff to summer spent at Under Canvas Mount Rushmore! This was our third summer in a row spent Glamping over Memorial Day weekend. This year was quite different than years past as the average temperature was around 50 degrees and rainy. But we made the absolute most of it! 

Also different this year was that my family joined! Mom, Krysta, Gwen, and Graham got to experience our favorite summer vacation and I think they quickly understood why we rave about the Black Hills.

Below is our itinerary for this summer. Here is our itinerary for 2020 and 2021.


leave at 5:30am

*pack breakfast AND lunch for the car*

Spearfish *bring hiking/water shoes

  *Leones’ Creamery


  *Spearfish Canyon


  *dinner at Jacobs Brewhouse & Grocer

Arrive at Under Canvas


hang out at campsite

lunch in Custer (sick n twisted)

Wind Cave tour

ice cream (Horatio’s)

back to UC

Dinner at UC 


Flume Trail/Sheridan Lake (43.98526° N, 103.44261° W)

Candy land

Chuckwagon Supper & Music Variety Show


Custer State Park/ Sylvan Lake

Dinner at UC (grill)

Every year we try to do something different, and I struggle with what I’d recommend the most. If it’s your first time, a *must* (if you’re coming from Fargo) is to drive through Spearfish. The beauty and the quick hikes of Spearfish Canyon make it a favorite every summer. 

This was our first summer taking a detour to Deadwood and it was the cutest little town! I was hesitant as it just seemed like a “biker town” on paper. But oh my gosh, I could have spent an entire day there. 

Also a *must* is Custer State Park/Sylvan Lake. Make sure you do the hike around the lake and bring water toys for the beach (that is, if the temperature is above 55 degrees 🙃).

I cannot rave about Under Canvas enough. There is something so special about staying outside. There’s also something special about having brewed coffee ready for you in about a 3-5 minute walk. 

Our favorite parts!

Sam: hiking! 

Jack: chuckwagon supper show

Eli: being able to be with my cousins for more than a day

Claire: snacks (second statement: Gwenny)

Adam & Trisha: flume trail 

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