This One’s for the Boys

For the last 10 months, Sam, Jack, and Eli have been overshadowed. Not only did their baby sister come into the world, but she came into the world with something a little extra. She’s shiny and new, and frankly, a lot of work. As hard as we try to make the boys feel like nothing has changed, everything changed last April.

Often, the feelings of guilt overcome me and last week I had finally had enough. Enough of my constant yelling and disciplining, enough of the fighting between siblings, and not enough fun. Leaving Adam and Claire at home to do some painting around the house, the boys and I set out for a Mommy + Boys morning. It was time to regain the fun we had lost somewhere along the way.

When your kids wake up at 6am, you can leave the house pretty early. First up was breakfast—where I literally sat in the car for 2 minutes telling myself “you can do this,” before mustering up the courage to take 3 boys into a busy restaurant on a Saturday morning. The heavens parted and there was one open table left. Our hostess must have sensed my tension because she brought over a cup of coffee immediately 🙂  It wasn’t more than 60 seconds and Eli was already standing on the bench and talking to the people behind us. At that moment, I had two choices: lose my shit, or roll with it and laugh. I chose the latter.

“Sorry!” I said. “He’s a wild one.”

“You’re a busy woman!” Stranger 1 said.

“Yep, and a baby at home with Dad.”


^^^ “Busy” and “Wow” are two words I am very accustomed to hearing these days.

The A Team was working breakfast and within 20 minutes we had ordered, eaten, and Sam and Eli had only fought about 18 times. The morning was off to a great start (No, that’s not sarcasm. Seriously.).

The rest of the morning was spent playing at a park where I took a few pictures but spent the next hour phone-free and just playing with those boys. Those three little boys who are so loved, so amazing, so much work, but so worth it.

It was fantastic watching those kids interact with one another. They are so different, yet fit perfect together. Jack is the director, Eli is the creative department, and Sam is the actor—all perfectly happy in their roles.

There is nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for those boys, and I hope they know that. Not just by my words, but my actions.

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