Giving a Sister to the Misters :)

Adam and I are elated to announce Baby #4 is a GIRL!

The boys are so happy to get a “Baby Sister”<–that’s their name for her (Berenstain Bears). And while Adam would never admit this pre-gender reveal, he has always wanted a girl. It will be so adorable to see all the future Daddy/Daughter moments!

Truthfully, we’ve had a hunch it was a girl since week 14. Having a radiologist for a husband has certain benefits 🙂 But I was never 100% convinced it was a girl until our ultrasound appointment.

The day of the appointment also happened to be Adam’s 30th birthday! We found out together, and then headed home to leave for Fargo. As soon as we got back that night, Adam’s parents came over to my parent’s house for the big reveal! I had stuffed pink balloons into a big box. We had the boys open it:

This little girl will be living in pretty headbands and white onesies– I’m trying to refrain from buying anything unless I am just dying to have it! She’ll probably be a tomboy anyway, so why not be dressed in blue and green 😉

My c-section is scheduled for May 1! It seemed so far away until just a few days ago. Now we are trying to figure out logistics for where she will sleep, who she will sleep with, if we are getting the twins bunk beds… etc. I’ll have her sleep in our room for the first few months (like Eli), and after that I think she will room with Eli and we will move the twins into bunk beds. Crazy! Not having a true playroom will be tough, but it will only be for a short while until we move to Denver.

Can’t wait to see how the boys interact with their sister! They all love babies, so hopefully it will be a seamless transition. Also, I’m happy Eli will be older than the twins were when he was born…!

gender reveal 1 gender reveal 2

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  1. Myrt Armstrong says:

    Congratulations all of you! You need that sweet sister! What a nice way to start the New Year!!Happy for you. Hugs Myrt

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Myrt Armstrong says:

    Forgot to say Happy Birthday Adam. 30is the magic year…

    Sent from my iPad


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