The StibbeFam is Growing!

We were so excited to announce that Baby #4 will be joining us on/around May 1, 2015! Adam and I are thrilled to have another addition to the family, and the boys are excited too 🙂


Telling our Families…

We went to Fargo for a very quick trip in September for a Bison game. I had made a super cute video of Jack and Eli talking about a baby and we showed that to the Stibbes. There was some confusion at first; Peggy finally realized what Jack was saying (to be honest, it was a little difficult to understand him), and then Fred got it. Here’s the video:

Krysta and Jordan met us at my parents for dinner that same night. I was wearing a sweatshirt over the top in the above photo, and it worked out perfectly that we were having spaghetti. Once it was time to eat, I took off my sweatshirt and said, “Don’t want to get this dirty!” and there was lots of screaming, cheering, and tears.

* * * * *

Finding out? Yes, we are finding out the gender this time! My ultrasound appointment is actually scheduled for Adam’s birthday, December 18. We plan to get the results in an envelope and find out in private after the appointment. That afternoon, we will head north to Fargo for Christmas and reveal the results to our family!  We didn’t find out the gender with Eli, and we did with the twins– so we’ve done it both ways. And honestly, after all was said and done, we kind of preferred finding out. It was awesome to find out together and not in a big room with a bunch of people that we will never see again.

Feeling okay? This time around, I was less tired and had some nausea around weeks 8-12. The nausea would hit every night about 9:15pm and I had to lay flat on my back or I’d lose my dinner. So who knows… maybe it is a girl?

Girl/Boy? NO idea, and we have no preference. Adam and I are just so happy to have another baby. Most people’s initial reaction is to comment on us “obviously” trying for a girl, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The boys: They are really excited. Jack actually talks about it quite a bit, and is the one who broke the news to his preschool teachers! 🙂  His teacher came out a few minutes before school was over and said, “Trish, do you know what Jack just told me? That he has a baby in his tummy!” I started to laugh… “And then Jack told me Mommy has one in her tummy too!” I loved it. Wasn’t the way I had planned to tell them since I hadn’t had my 12-week appointment yet. Ah, I love 3-year-olds. Sam is, as expected, completely indifferent. Eli plays with his little baby all the time and likes to kiss my tummy and say “baby!” I think he will be at a perfect age (2.5) when the baby comes.

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