Twins Turn THREE!

Three years ago, our lives changed. We became parents to two strong-willed and tenacious miracle babies. They have come so far in their short little lives. I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

While I usually hate to predict what my children will be like when they’re older (self-fulfilling prophecy), I’m going to do it anyway 😉

SAM–the class clown. Friends with everyone. Super smart, but will hate doing homework. Soccer stud.
JACK–the smart kid. Rule follower. Quiet, but incredibly friendly. Track all-star.

Sam 36 months

Jack 36 months

Twin Talk
**The first thing Sam says every morning is “Hi Jack.” If J doesn’t respond, S rolls over (I imagine) and goes back to sleep.
**Will ALWAYS sit by each other. Hip to hip, arm to arm, on the couch or floor.
**Jack refuses to go upstairs/downstairs unless S is close by. If S is in the other room, I need to grab him to get things rolling.
**Playing games with each other, unprompted. See video below. ADORABLE!

The boys had a birthday party at PE101 and it was a GREAT time!










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