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Eli 12 month

Eli Adam Stibbe…
You are the most incredible little boy. After today I can’t technically call you “the baby,” huh? That breaks my heart! I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve teared up a few times today. It has been one amazing year, and I can’t thank you enough for letting us be your family.
You just started walking, and it is the cutest thing ever… you still look like a drunk walking around, and you fall down a lot, but pick yourself right back up. You walked around the ER last week, showing off your new shoes, and fell smack into the children’s table. A bruise covered the length of your forehead for the next few days!
Just this morning one of your molars finally decided to poke through! I’m hoping this means less crying while your gums are enflamed and engorged.
While you are an amazing eater, you have started to become a little stinker at dinner time. It’s now a “game” for you to throw your sippy cup to the floor and watch it fall. Obviously, you get pissed if we don’t pick it up instantly, but sorry babe– you picked the wrong parents for that. The sippy cup stays on the floor.
You can say Mama, Dada, clap, wave, roar when you play dinosaurs with your brothers, love to throw balls, chase balls, “catch” balls, anything sports-related. Your other favorite activity is crawling around the entire downstairs in a circle while pushing two cars, one in each hand.
The love you have for your brothers is an awesome thing to witness. You adore them, but also have become “one of the boys.” When you see them wrestling, you motor on over there to jump on them too. The other day your dad actually saw you come over to Jack, who was sitting and reading a book, and just level him to the floor. Your poor older brother couldn’t do anything but say, “No, Eli. Get off me!” That’s what happens when you weigh as much as he does 😉
We love you Eli. Happy Birthday!

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