Summer with BOYS

In less than 24 hours, Sam had climbed the slide and fallen off the back and straight onto his head, and Jack had dove off the patio chair face first. They both scared the absolute crap out of us– Sam fell onto the cement (not so smart of Mom and Dad to leave the slide there) and scraped up his head pretty bad right near one of his shunts. Thank goodness, he just missed hitting it! I can’t tell you how relived we were. Then Jack was blowing bubbles and got super excited and started jumping on the chair outside… and decided to do a dive face first into the deck… I screamed, picked him up, feared the worst (broken neck), and when all I saw was a horrible bloody nose I was much better! It looked like a murder scene in our kitchen, both of us covered in blood, with Adam trying to console a crying Sam and holding a rambunctious baby who doesn’t understand why everyone is so stressed out!

This is having BOYS. And while I probably aged a few more years watching them climb, and then fall, and then thinking my kids will be paralyzed, I realized, this is what I wanted. How many times did I pray to have two little boys creating chaos and getting bloody noses, laughing so hard they fall off furniture?! All it means is that my baby boys, my miracle kids, are doing AWESOME.

Wondering how Sam got onto that slide? Oh, no big deal… HE CLIMBS STUFF NOW!!!!! This is a huge new development. Climbs furniture, playground equipment, slides… he’s all over it. Unfortunately, he has absolutely no spatial recognition yet and gets precariously close to the edges of all things.

And get this– last weekend we went to a party at a friend’s house and Britani made some fabulous pork sandwiches…. Jack finished most of his sandwich, so I asked Sam if he wanted the rest of it. His response? “Yeah.” So I held it up to his lips, and he goes in for a bite, and takes a bite!!! He didn’t actually chew it or swallow it, but he totally mushed it around his lips and tongue, and then spit it out. He repeated this over and over again!!! I asked, “Sam, is that yummy?” Sam: “Yum!” What?!?! I can’t help but to believe that this is due to his new therapy. After a lot of discussion, Adam and I decided to end Sam’s current therapy. We haven’t been happy with them for a long time, and needed something new. I don’t want to knock the way they do things, but it just didn’t align with our beliefs about how we want Sam to begin eating/chewing/etc. About a month ago he began treatment at Pediatric Therapy Center. They focus not just on eating, but on his sensory processing and fine and gross motor skills. I don’t really want to tell you all this, just so I don’t jinx it, but he has been putting goldfish crackers in his mouth and leaving them there for 5 seconds!! Repeatedly! He is also starting to play in more mediums (ie: shaving cream, cool whip, jello, etc). Before, that stuff absolutely freaked him out. Now he’s actually having fun with food! He licked yogurt off goldfish last week, and just this morning he asked for a bite of Jack’s peanut butter toast (he spit out the bite, but who cares?!)! We are ELATED.

Jack has been making huge strides too. At that same party, Jack rode on Cora’s YBike (so naturally we had to buy one for the twins), asked to be pushed around in the cozy coupe, and basically mimicked anything Ryan (2) and Alec (3) did the entire party. It was pretty adorable. He also is a bubble-blowing expert. We showed him how to blow once, and now he does it nonstop! (hence, falling off the patio chair)

Also, I promised myself to do more Pinterest activities… Well, here’s Pinterest fail #1. Colored rice sensory play… It wasn’t so much a fail, because they played with it for about 45 minutes, but the freaking rice was EVERYWHERE. Everywhere. Dumping it onto the patio floor was way more fun than putting it in cups and into other “approved” containers.

PicMonkey Collage 619

The twins have been loving all their summer activities, but have been sleeping A LOT more. Which is nice, except when I fill up the pool and they wind up sleeping until 4:30pm. We keep busy with gymnastics, preschool, Spanish class, playdates, water parks… Omaha is an awesome place for kids! 🙂

DSC_0048 DSC_0059

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