Mommy and Daddy need a break

I think there comes a time in every parent’s life where they think “If I don’t get a break from my kids ASAP, I’m going to lose it. Run away screaming, lose it.” Thank you Jesus, Adam and I are headed for a vacation in a few days! Saturday morning we are driving to Fargo and staying until early Sunday afternoon (less than 24hrs there!). We’re leaving the kids with my family, and heading to Minneapolis to see a lot of friends! Tuesday morning we fly to San Antonio, TX for a radiology conference (Mommy is lounging by the pool) and Friday morning we leave for Boston to see Paul graduate law school!

I love my children. More than anything in this world. But to be perfectly honest, I’ve been stretched thin lately. It’s hard. And I’d be lying if I didn’t say that.

The twins, especially Jack, have been testing us lately. Absolute full-blown meltdowns, hitting, stealing from each other, hitting Eli… Today Sam slapped Jack across the face for no reason. Like a soap opera slap– that loud and that hard. Know what Jack did? “Oh, ow!” in his adorable voice. I went from wanting to scream at Sam to laughing in 0.2 seconds. Thank God they didn’t see me laughing. Sam got a timeout and behaved a little better after that.

This week we have had at least 2 appointments a day. Twice we had 3 appointments. I am EXHAUSTED. What the hell happened to being a STAY AT HOME mom?! I love that they are so active and learning from their peers and their surroundings… But my house looks like a disaster zone and laundry is no longer put away– clean clothes are in one corner and dirty clothes are piled in another. Hampers? I don’t even know where those are. I think the boys used one as a Lego bin a few days ago and I couldn’t care less.

It takes a village to raise a child, and Lord knows I couldn’t do it without our friends here in Omaha who have become like family. This morning a friend stayed at the hospital after her night shift so she could watch the twins while Eli had a test done (see below)… So sweet! A huge thank you to everyone here– we love you!

Some random health updates:
Jack had his bi-annual heart screen a few weeks ago… Remember that heart murmur/mitral valve regurgitation? He still has it, but thank goodness it isn’t severe enough for medication. In fact, we won’t have to go back for another 3 years!

Sam started occupational therapy at an awesome new place. They are working on sensory processing, fine motor, and touching/playing with foods. He is doing so great!! This week he even tolerated shaving cream and “swam” a goldfish cracker into his mouth (and spit it out)!!!

Eli, yes, Eli… Even he doesn’t escape the health issues. He was screened this morning with a swallow study… We were worried he was aspirating on bottles. He has been coughing and choking on nearly every bottle we’ve given him — we varied the type of bottle, the nipple flow, added rice cereal, you name it… Well, the study showed he wasn’t aspirating (!) so we’re incredibly relieved! I just spoke to his pediatrician, however, and he wants us to follow up with the ENT. Great! So even though he isn’t aspirating, they want to rule out it isn’t something, since it just came out of nowhere (it’s much  more common in newborns and younger infants).

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