4 Months!

Eli Adam is 4 months old. He is changing every day and developing a little personality.

He had his 4-month appointment this morning and here are the stats:

*Height: 25.3″ (54.32%)

*Weight: 13lb, 12oz (14.62%) (Let me just say… when I saw 13lbs on the scale I was ecstatic and thought, ‘This kid is HUGE!’ Then I got the printout and saw 14%… not so huge! Obviously I make skim milk)

*We were given the go-ahead to start solids, but I’m going to hold off at least another month. I’m also not positive I’ll start then; just following Eli’s lead!

Here’s what the doctor’s printout won’t tell you:
–He loves his activity center.

–Loves tummy time — it’s even better when he can watch his two older brothers 🙂

–Pretty much has his hands in his mouth at all times (I bought him an amber teething necklace. Not convinced it’s working, but worth a shot!)

–Giggles and smiles all the time. His giggles are actual giggles now, and not just us imagining it.

–Gets pretty upset when he doesn’t get his food immediately. It’s not like there’s a bottle to warm up, so yes, he gets pissed in the 3 seconds it takes for me to undo my nursing top.

–Does not do well for bottles with Momma. He looks at me like I’m an idiot for trying.

–Still waking up in the middle of the night… Usually I can put a pacifier in and hold him off until about 5:30, but that’s the longest he’ll go. Having all 3 in the same room has it’s perks, but nighttime isn’t awesome. Saturday night Jack had a fever, woke up screaming, and then Eli did too. It was a total cluster you-know-what. So I had to feed Eli when he probably would have been able to last longer. But I love having them in the same room–I don’t want  Eli to feel left out, and the bond it’s creating between the 3 boys is awesome.

–His eating schedule:






*10:15pm (Adam gives him a bottle–5.5oz) (We’re all ready for this feed to go away! The pediatrician said this feed will probably still be here for another two months.)

I absolutely love being his mom, and watching my two first-borns becoming great big brothers. We have been incredibly blessed with happy, healthy (kind of), stubborn, and ridiculously good-looking children 🙂

brothers 2.10.2013

Eli 4 month

PicMonkey Collage month 4

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