Eli’s 2-month stats

Mr. E had his 2-month appointment today! A special thanks to Emily for watching the twins so I didn’t have to deal with all three at the appointment 🙂

Adam and I just make skinny kids… Tall & thin!
Height: 23.5″ (70%)
Weight: 10 lb 12.8 oz (22%)

He is such a great baby. We are really blessed with awesome kids. He isn’t the best napper in the world, but sleeps really well at night. On a typical day, here is our schedule:

10:15pm–feed (my AMAZING hubby gives him a bottle at this time so I can either go to bed or do some housework)

Wakes once in the middle of the night–usually around 4:00am.

We got the okay to let him sleep through the night at his appointment today, even though he’s so thin. We’ll hopefully see him start to sleep later than 4:00!

I don’t follow any certain books/theories, but do subscribe to the importance of “Eat, Play, Sleep.” Basically, we just keep him up for a little while after he’s done eating. His typical amount of “waketime” (from start of feed until sleep) is almost exactly one hour. Then, I make sure to put him to bed when he’s still AWAKE. Sleepy, but awake. Obviously, I love holding and cuddling my little guy, so I let him fall asleep on me once a day (usually after the 1:00 feeding because the twins are sleeping at this time). But I refuse to make a habit out of this, which I think makes the grandparents a little annoyed! 😉 Sorry guys! But sleep is important to us, and a schedule is ESSENTIAL. We have two toddlers, and one of them requires us to stay on schedule to the minute (give or take a few).

Crying it out– My limit on this is 5 minutes. If he’s still crying after 5 minutes, I go up to his crib and put his pacifier back in, “shush” him and gently tap his tummy and rub his head until he gets quiet.

Eli naps in his crib during the day, and sleeps in our room after Adam gets done feeding him the bottle. This just makes the middle of the night feed so much easier for me.

Some other things:
*He loves being swaddled. However, he is just like Jack was and is able to escape almost any swaddle if he gets too upset. Blankets will absolutely not work, so we use the Halo SleepSacks–LOVE those.
*Tummy time is going really well. He will hold his head up for several minutes at a time and loves looking around.
*He has been rolling over for many weeks, which is pretty cool!
*He finally tolerates the swing, but only for about 10 minutes. After that, he’s annoyed and wants to get out. His favorite thing is the Rock N Play–he will both sleep in this during naps and chill out in it after he’s done eating.
*Sam and him are buddies–unless he has his Nuk in. Then they are not buddies–Sam wants that Nuk OUT and won’t hesitate to pull it out of Eli’s mouth immediately.
*The Nuk… the Nuk is his best friend. I was a Nuk baby and I’m afraid my son is too. But I am NOT complaining! 🙂 Plus, they are so cute!

Eli 2 month


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