The Vacation Post

Adam and I had a wonderful time in Arizona. Before the flight took off we stopped in Minneapolis to visit a few friends who graciously let us stay on their air mattress and cooked us a wonderful meal. Thanks Jenna and Matt! Tyler joined us as well and even gave us a ride to the airport Monday morning.

Monday afternoon we arrived in Phoenix, and stayed with Dave, Shannon, and their little girl Brooklyn. They have a gorgeous new home complete with a pool. And a pool was needed… That Arizona sun is brutal. We had some down time before we left to go meet up with several other friends– Brandon and Erin, and Derek, Lisa, and little Annika (who is almost 2!). We ate at a restaurant called Four Peaks – food was great, and I have to say… their beer looked AMAZING. Ugh! Oh well, baby is worth missing a few beers for πŸ˜‰ It was great to see everyone and catch up for a while.

Tuesday morning/afternoon was spent lazily relaxing by the pool at Dave and Shannon’s. For lunch, Adam and Dave grabbed us all In-N-Out Burgers— I have to admit, this was probably my favorite meal of the trip! Neither Adam nor I had experienced this fast food wonder before, and now I’m sad I won’t experience it again for a long time…. Everything is so fresh. Basically, a pregnant lady’s dream cheeseburger and fries. That evening Dave grilled and Brandon drove to eat with us.

Wednesday late morning Dave took Adam and me to meet Brandon at their halfway point. We grabbed some lunch, and off we headed to see Brandon and Erin’s place! They live in a great condo with a big pool, so we relaxed there until it was time to go to Brandon’s track meet. He’s a high school coach. Adam and I got roped into timing the meet, and I kid you not… after standing in the sun for what felt like HOURS… I realized it had only been 45 minutes. Even though I was drinking water nonstop, I had to bow out gracefully and head to Brandon’s air conditioned car. This northerner is not equipped to stand in 95-degree sun. After the meet, we met up with Erin and had an awesome pizza dinner.

Sadly, we had to leave Thursday morning…. it was a quick trip, but well worth it and we loved seeing all of our friends we haven’t seen in a long time!

We arrived in Minneapolis right as rush hour was beginning…. always awesome. Tyler picked us up (thanks again Tyler!) and we spent an hour going about 6 miles to pick up our car. While I miss the Twin Cities… I do not miss the traffic! Thursday night we stayed with Matt and Nikki and had a blast eating at Mozzo Mia (in Edina on 50th & France) and grabbing ice cream at a local creamery. This prego was in heaven. And the few pounds I’ve lost since being pregnant are no more… I’ve definitely put on weight over the past week! πŸ™‚

Finally, we drove to Fargo Friday morning after a quick stop at Ikea and West Elm. It was so, so great to see the boys!!! And how was their vacation in Fargo? Here’s a recap…

  1. Sam had a trip to the ER– everything turned out fine (g-button issue, not head)
  2. Jack started to walk, and chipped his tooth (super small chip, and a total badge of honor!)
  3. Sam got an ear infection
  4. Sam stood up on his own!
  5. Jack popped his first molar

In all sincerity, the boys had a GREAT time visiting the Stibbe and Oyos grandparents and Aunt K (missed you Paul!). They slept until 8:15am yesterday, and took two 2.5 hour naps. I actually had to wake them up from their afternoon nap so they would go to bed!

Here are some pictures:


Sam FaceTiming with Mom and Dad


They LOVE getting their teeth brushed!


Guinness (Dave’s dog)


Adam and Brandon

And here are some pics we took during our weekend in Fargo– BIG NEWS. The boys got their 1st haircut! Yes, I survived. No tears. πŸ™‚

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  1. Carol & Elton says:

    Sounds like a very busy and yet very relaxing vacation…complete with great friends, great food and conversation!! What more could you ask for??!! Such darling pics of Jack & Sam getting their first haircuts….they look like such cute little men!! I’m sure their smiling faces are really being missed in Fargo this week!! Glad to hear that you were feeling well Trish and able to enjoy everything (except the beer!!!!) Adam–I hope you were able to catch up on a little sleep! Thanks for sharing….Love to all….Carol

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