Getting closer!

Sam is getting so much closer to crawling. He is getting so much stronger, and more determined. Adam and I spend at least an hour every day doing PT with him, and it seems to be paying off. Once he starts, he is going to have so much fun playing and exploring! I just want to get inside his head, and say, “You CAN do this. Right hand, left foot, Left hand, right foot.” Obviously, not much rationalizing with a one-year-old.

Little Man is also starting to use a SPOON! Pretty awesome. I’m not going to say he loves the spoon yet, but he’s not refusing bites, so it’s pretty encouraging!

Adam had the past week off, and it was fantastic! We got so much done around the house, and I feel pretty good about everything we did. Lots of time was spent cuddling with the boys, and for us… That’s better than any destination vacation! We Adam started painting our wood trim upstairs white. Looks fantastic! I will post some pictures when the projects are complete. Looking forward to finally making this house more into a Stibbe Home.

Here are some pics and videos of my boys over the past week!

P.S. I realized while looking at a friend’s blog that I stopped taking “monthly” pictures of the boys at 8-months. Biggest regret! Really should have kept on with that… In my defense, from 9-12 months, Sam was vomiting every 5 minutes or having a surgery, so I can’t be too bummed I got lazy 😉

Sam's new favorite toy... the farm!
Snapshot of my life. Sam sucking his thumb, Jack escaping.
This is the best stuff ever!
Loves ziti!!
Post-ziti face
Decked out in Vikes gear... for the Superbowl.

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  1. Grandma Laurie says:

    Sam, I am so proud of you for starting to eat from the spoon. I know it might be hard for people to understand why this is a super big deal, but it is REALLY big deal! Way to go, buddy! I hope you let Grandma try to feed you with the spoon when you visit us next. We had a lot of fun eating last time. I’m so happy you like playing with the farm. The animals are so cute.

    Jack, the picture of you after you ate the ziti is one of the best pictures of you ever. Ziti is good stuff.

    You boys looked so cute in your Vikings jerseys watching the game. The first of many Super Bowls to come! And Mya has to be happy you boys are at the age where you can start playing with each other. Poor Mya, she’s had to take a back seat to you boys for awhile, but you’ll have lots of fun now that you’re older.

  2. Auntie Brenda says:

    Hello Stibbe family, thanks for the update. I am so thankful that you take the time to post this blog. We all enjoy seeing Sam, Jack and Mya playing together. As for that ziti photo. I have pictures of Adam eating spaghetti (one of his favorites) covered in sauce just like Jack:) Sooooooo cute. Glad to hear Sam is making headway. He can’t help but do well with the two of you as parents! Nice job. I know it’s not easy some days. Happy Valentine’s to you all. Hugs and Kisses,
    Love, Auntie Brenda and family

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