My Child Crawls Backwards…

I am absolutely in love with my kids. They make me laugh at least 100 times a day. Lately, it has been Jack’s crawling. The kid crawls backwards. Who does that?! He’s been “worming” for a long time, and a few weeks ago started the backwards thing. He gets up, gets ready, and pushes BACK. I’m pretty sure I’ve crawled more in the past week than I ever did as a baby in an attempt to “teach” him.

Jack has also learned how to clap and high-5! Sam has been doing the high-5 for about three months, and clapping for the last three weeks. We’ve affectionately been telling Jack, “It’s okay J, at least you know how to eat!” And then this morning, he just did clapped AND high-5’d! It was like Christmas morning for me! Now if we could only get him to crawl forwards 🙂

Sam is doing fantastic with his g-button. He is finally tolerating being on his tummy again. I don’t want to brag, but… I’ve even walked in on him trying to get into a crawl position. He is, however, still waaaayy too stubborn. We do physical therapy every day and now whenever he sees me bringing out the “stuff” (pillow, beach ball, etc), I get the most incredible evil eye. Our PT Marne got to experience Sam’s attitude last Friday (she comes weekly), and she couldn’t get over how funny he was. And by funny, I mean naughty. She used the word funny. I used naughty.

Other fun parenting notes:

  • Jack hates fruit. Instead of hiding veggies in his fruit like other babies, I have to hide fruit in his veggies.
  • Anything and everything goes into Jack’s mouth. Unfortunately, this also means I have to clean my floors daily. Not my favorite task.
  • Jack loves to throw things. Pick them up, and throw. My little athlete!
  • Sam got 2 teeth this week!!! Like visible teeth! I’m pretty sure this explains why he has been especially horrible at night the last three weeks.
  • In relation to the past three weeks… Sam has been sleeping HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. I wish I was exaggerating here… but I was up anywhere from 5-8 times a night the past 2.5 weeks. With Jack, I just let him cry and fall back to sleep. Sam– can’t really do that, because, you know, he might choke/aspirate/any of those fun things. I was at my wit’s end, and then last night, he slept! However, I did not because then I was freaking out he was dead because he wasn’t crying. Motherhood is funny that way!
  • Our 3rd child… Mya… poor girl. She loves those boys so much, and they love her. A little too much. Haven’t quite figured out the petting vs. pulling yet. Soon?! She hasn’t bitten either of them, but let’s just say she isn’t afraid to bark at them.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Adam’s parents and younger brother were here. I made my famous turkey, and the only mishap was the green beans… Adam had picked some up 2 days before Thanksgiving, and as I took them out, saw MOLD. Great. Thanks Hy-Vee! Paul got some quality time in with his favorite nephews, but had to leave Friday afternoon.

However, we had a casualty… the memory card in my camera is no longer working. So… we lost all the pictures from Turkey Day. Devastated!

Here is an adorable picture to brighten your day:

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sue Winkelman says:

    Tyler crawled/scooted backwards too. We were worried but he turned out ok. :)-

  2. Rachel M says:

    Oh seriously! That is the cutest thing EVER!

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