Graduation at 11 months

Yes, my child is a genius. Who else can say they attended their child’s graduation ceremony at the age of 11 months?! πŸ™‚

Sam graduated from Feeding School on Friday. We are so, so proud of this little bugger.

Sam and his therapist, Kate!

The boys and Nanny Sarah πŸ™‚

Adam and I were reminiscing last night about the past year, and it got a little teary-eyed at 2301… To think of how far Sam has come is just crazy. Not even counting what went on in-utero, here are some of the things this kid gas gone through: a perfed bowel, Group B strep, Sepsis, Meningitis, VP Shunt, 4 VP shunt revisions, an inguinal hernia repair… FUN!

And because of all that, his priority list rearranged a bit, and eating got moved to the back burner. Now?! He’s EATING! Eating!

I love how my boys have turned out.

Jack is my always-serious, and then randomly crazy little boy. He is starting to dislike loud noises, which shocks me! I used to be able to vacuum in their room, and now even when he hears a weird toy sound, he starts to cry. He’s loud, obnoxious, and I LOVE it. Unfortunately, he is getting to the age where he is realizing how much time is devoted to Sam, and we are trying to fix this as much as we possibly can. He loves everyone, and gives them a big toothy grin when he meets someone new–well, after getting warmed up to them for a few minutes first.

Sam is a sassy, funny little man. Yes, man. We get told often old he looks for his age (and size), and we think the same. He just has this look of wisdom, but yet I can totally see him being the class clown.

My first day as a Stay-At-Home-Mom is tomorrow and I’m getting so excited! Nervous in a weird way though. I’m afraid they’re going to look at me and think, “Umm.. Mom? I thought this was a weekend thing. You’re supposed to be gone by now?”

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Laurie says:

    You look so cute in your graduation cap, Sam! You’re so proud of yourself and SO ARE WE!

    You have overcome so much in your short life. Seeing you go through your health problems with your spirit intact has taught me so much, Sam. If anybody has the right to feel bad for themself, it’s you. But you’re not like that, you bring your family comfort with your big smile, your giggles, and your strong, stubborn spirit along with a will to never, ever give up. You are so wise beyond your very young age and your fighting spirit is an inspiration.

    I’ve been there when your mommy and daddy were told some very difficult things to hear. Well, you told your doctors loud and clear what you are made of, Sam Stibbe! I am honored to be your grandmother.

    I don’t want to close without mentioning your brother. While Jack has seemingly gone through this time like a breeze we know it wasn’t really so easy for him at first either. He’s a tough guy, like you. I’m so glad you have each other.
    I can’t wait to see you boys soon. And Grandpa, he can barely wait to see you in a few days.

    Love you, Jack and Sam!
    Grandma Laurie

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