National Neonatal Nurses Day!

This post is 1 day late as yesterday was the official National Neonatal Nurses Day!

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all the nurses who took care of our boys — Jack was in there almost 3 months, and Sam for almost 4 months.

Without the support, emotional and physical, that these nurses gave us each and every day–we would have been in dire straits. To this day I am still friends with several of them and they are incredible people.

They are the ones that comforted us when Sam had his first surgery, on Day 1 at Children’s Hospital. They are the ones who comforted me the very first time I saw my twins and cried. They are the ones that were there when we go the news about Sam, and the ones who never hesitated to call when something happened. They were there for all of Sam’s ups and downs, and there when we found out about Jack’s heart. They were the ones who teared up with us when we took the twins home, together, for the very first time. And they are the ones we still think of each and every day we drive by Children’s Hospital.

We love you ladies!

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  1. Grandma Laurie says:

    I second everything you said, Trish. The nurses that cared for Sam and Jack were all so wonderful.

    I remember hanging onto the nurse’s every word as they patiently explained everything going on with Sam and Jack. They played such a huge role in their progress, monitoring them so carefully. When Sam was so sick I was so appreciative for the terrific care they provided the boys and the supportive care they gave to you and Adam.

    It is not a job for everybody. I certainly don’t have the characteristics it takes to be a good nurse. It’s a tiring, exhausting, stressful job caring for such little babies and their parents as well.

    Thank you for the dedication and care you give to your little patients. Our family appreciates it all. You are my heroes.

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