Long overdue

I hate not updating the blog every few days. But sometimes… my world is a little busy. And by sometimes… I am being sarcastic.

Last weekend I took Jack to my good friend Rachel’s bridal shower, and Adam took Sam to hang out with some friends at a pool. Can I just say, having 1 baby is incredibly easy?! (my friends with only 1 baby are going to roll their eyes, I know this!) But compared to having twins, my life for 2.5 hours last Saturday was a breeze. However, it felt lonely as well. I missed my little man!

Tuesday marks Sam’s beginning of transitioning home. It’s crunch time people. So far I am the only one trained to feed Sam with his special bottle, and I kid you not– every time I feed him, I break into a sweat. His primary therapist and I were laughing last week that I needed to bring my workout clothes every day, because feeding in business casual is just uncomfortable!

In JACK news (remember that kid?), he cut his 1st tooth!!! I’m pretty sure he has been teething for 8 months (joke), so when I finally saw that baby poke through on Wednesday, I screamed with joy! Jack just screamed.

We are ready for a long weekend. Adam’s parents are here, and in fact, are staying with the boys tonight so Adam and I can have some alone time. Alone time = SLEEP. And a dinner date?! Dare we!? 🙂

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