Quick Update on Sam’s Eating Progress

…Quick… because I’m one very tired girl! And the Stibbe boys (all 3 of them) have been in bed for the last 2.5 hours. Jealous.

Last week Sam did fantastic! He is being bottle fed using the Haberman bottle and while he isn’t sucking much still, the good news is that he is swallowing most! To be fair… that’s like 15cc a day, but still–AMAZING! He also is continuing to do well on his solids. Opening his mouth and accepting, and not spitting out as much.

Yesterday, Mommy did a “no-no” in the world of Feeding Institutes. I disregarded “protocol” and basically decided to try my own thing… Seeing your child throw up 1/4 of his volume every feed for the last 6 months can take a toll on a person, and every month or so I have a minor meltdown in my head. So, I decided to average out the volume he has been throwing up, and deduct that from his feeds. And… it went really well. But… they weren’t too happy with me for changing his routine. In my mind, I was doing what was best for my child. I have been responsible for figuring out his tube feeding and vomiting for the last 6 months. To be told that I can’t change anything when he vomits nonstop was extremely frustrating to me. Thus, in our weekly progress meeting today, I apologized, but I know they understand where I’m coming from. Sam’s my baby, and if I can alleviate any kind of pain, I will do whatever it takes. However, I 100% agree that I need to start trusting their method. So here’s my promise to the world–I will not make any changes to Sam’s routine from here on out unless the doctors there tell me I can!

My mom and sister were in town this past weekend. It was absolutely wonderful to have them visit! Mom hadn’t seen the house since before we closed, so she was able to see it furnished for the first time. We shopped, went out to eat, and played hard with the boys. Both of them were absolutely exhausted today!

I keep meaning to post pictures of the boys, but I’m attached to the couch right now and waiting for a load of laundry to get done before going to bed. Oh, and waiting for Sam’s tube-feed to be over with. Ahh… the life of the Stibbe mom 🙂

P.S. Here’s a picture of the Haberman bottle:

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  1. Michelle Walter says:

    Trisha – I am so proud of you for being such a good mommy! I spent 2 hours reading your blog last night. The boys are beautiful! Congratulations!

  2. Fred and Peggy says:

    I am so Happy that your mom and K could visit.
    You and Adam do well at all the challenges you have had to face and I am proud of both of you.
    Have a good week!
    Grandma Stibbe

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