Hello Blog World!

Yes, we are alive 🙂 The moving is officially over; now comes the unpacking. I don’t know what is worse.

We moved in and immediately our contractor got to work adding our combo main floor bathroom/laundry room. LOVE the end result!

Last weekend Adam’s parents and his brother Paul came to visit. We had a great time and were able to paint the boys’ room (gray) and chose a paint color for the family room. Adam finished painting the family room last night and it looks fantastic! Now comes the fun part (for me)– decorating with pillows, pictures, etc. Can’t wait!

I’ll work on getting pictures up later.

We do have some more news….
Sam ended up having emergency surgery yesterday. He’s doing incredibly well now! Over the past week, we noticed him becoming more lethargic, more vomiting “episodes,” and his fontanelle becoming more full. We made a pediatrician appointment for yesterday morning, and Dr. Moore told Adam to take him to the E.R. after calling Sam’s neurosurgeon (who, by the way, was in another surgery, and left the surgery when he was told it was about Sam–we kind of love Dr. Puccioni!). It wasn’t emergent, emergent, so I had Adam bring the twins by my work since they were already out and about. Everyone has been dying to meet them, so I figured now was as good a time as any! We left my work and headed straight to the E.R.

We don’t like having Jack exposed to hospitals, so I brought him home shortly after they checked Sam in. They did a CT Scan and x-rays, and after the E.R. physician looked at it, he contacted Dr. Puccioni, and although it was technically his day off, he decided Sam needed the surgery that day. Did I mention it was Dr. Puccioni’s “day off,” and not only was he performing surgery that morning, he also came in to do Sam’s? Did I mention I love him?

Anyway, thank goodness for modern medicine. Sam had developed another cyst, in a different ventricle. The easiest way to explain it is this: There are 4 ventricles in your brain. Sam already had a shunt “insert” in one of the ventricles. Now there’s one in a second ventricle, so the “inserts” form a V-shape. The back of his head still looks the same.

He already feels 110 times better, and is happy as can be! That little man… I’m just in awe of him.

He is twice as stubborn as his momma (and that’s saying something). And thank God he is, because otherwise he wouldn’t be here.

Thank you Dr. Moore, Dr. Puccioni, all of our awesome nurses, residents, etc.

This is just another reason we are so happy we stayed in Omaha!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Carol & Elton says:

    So good to hear from you Trish!! Nancy and I were just saying this morning that we were anxious to hear an update on how things were going with all of you after the move! I’m sure life is busy busy, but what fun getting things ready in your new home. So glad to hear all is well with Sam the man–we want that little fighter in our corner when needed!!! He can handle anything!! I hope there’s a party going on today for 7 months old!!! Love and Hugs to all of you…Carol

  2. Randy & Nancy says:

    So glad to hear that Sam’s surgery went well and that he is feeling much better – back to his happy self! Sounds like you’ve been busy, busy with the house. Lots of work, but also lots of fun! Can’t wait to see pictures of it. Hugs for Jack and Sam on their “special day”.
    Love to all….Nancy

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