I LOVE Etsy. More than I can explain via a blog posting.

For example…. I’ve been annoyed for the past month because I can’t find hats to fit the boys. We had about 20 hats they were able to wear in the NICU and up to about a month ago. Now, we are down to 1 hat that fits either boy.

And, while summer is just around the corner, I’m still a paranoid, overly cautious mother to preemie twins. They’re probably going to be wearing hats until it’s 100 degrees outside.

So I went to Etsy to find some cute hats. And remained on the site for over an hour. Just a simple search, and this is what I found:

I should probably go apologize to my credit card now.

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  1. Carol & Elton says:

    I’m looking forward to pictures soon of the boys modeling each one!!! Absolutely adorable! Isn’t it amazing what we can find online? Sorry Adam, but Trish did say she apologized to the credit card!!! That fixes everything! Love You~~~Carol

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