Home Sweet Home

This weekend Adam and I, and the twins, made our first trip back to Fargo! We made the trip in our…..


That’s right….. this girl converted! The Stibbes were super generous and traded in Peggy’s Mini Cooper so we could get our Dodge Grand Caravan. After breaking down and and freaking out that my 26-year-old self could never own a minivan… I gave in. And you know what? I’m glad I did! We love it. It made traveling with the boys infinitely easier.

Peggy drove the Cooper down Thursday afternoon, traded it in Thursday night, and followed us back to Fargo early Friday morning. She was/is a trooper!

Well, our first stop took just under an hour. Being the “planners” that we are… we decided to wait until the actual stop to discuss how we were going to go about changing/feeding/tubing/stretching/etc. the boys and ourselves. We sat in the van for a good 5 minutes going over the various options until we just started doing stuff.  The boys did great; they were very happy to move around for a while. Hooking up Sam’s feeding tube was a breeze, thank goodness!

We made it to Fargo in about 7 hours (usually takes 5 1/2 hours so we didn’t do too bad). The boys were instantly taken over by my parents and Krysta, and the Oyos dogs were very curious about these two little humans taking over their home! Dogs are amazing; they knew right away they had to be good to the boys and listened so well to everyone when we thought they were getting a little too close. The only hiccup to our Friday night was a feeding issue with Sam. It has happened a few times before, and is always VERY scary. Sometimes when he gets too much food in his tummy, he has a really bad throw-up; and he quits breathing. Seeing your child become terrified and turn blue is the single most horrible feeling in the entire world. Luckily, after about 90 seconds we were able to “slap” Sam back… and by “slap,” I do mean slap. On the back. Ugh. Thinking about it still makes me nauseous. The Oyos’ saw first-hand what we live with and I know it scared them a little bit. They were so supportive and stayed up with us for a few hours to help us calm down. I called the NICU in Omaha, and they said we shouldn’t have to bring him in to the E.R. As long as he didn’t aspirate, we were okay. Just terrified.

Saturday was a NEW DAY! We had a lot of visitors. My aunt Nancy and Grandma Sammy stopped over, and later our family friends the Winkelmans came over. I was finally able to meet Tyler’s girlfriend Hattie. She’s awesome! Sam and Jack had a great time meeting everyone, and it was a smooth day. Loved seeing everyone!

Sunday was the big day. Baptism! They looked like little dolls in their outfits. They were able to meet some more family members! It’s amazing to think we hadn’t been back to Fargo since early October. We used to try and get back every 2 months. It was so nice to be home.

The way back went great as well. My mom is watching the boys this week and she  took Mya for the road trip. As much as we love Mya, it was pretty nice to just deal with the boys. We’re having a great time so far! We didn’t get back until about 10:30 last night though, and had to go over everything with my mom. Thus, I looked like I came into work after an all-night bender this morning. I’m horribly embarrassed to admit I am STILL wearing the makeup I put on yesterday morning for the baptism. Gross.

Here are some pictures of our fabulous weekend! Thank you to everyone who came to the baptism and stopped over to see the boys. We love our family and friends so much.

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  1. Carol & Elton says:

    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures from the weekend—you guys definitely worked in every possible thing you could in such a short time!!! It was so exciting to finally see in person these 2 precious miracles that we have been waiting to meet. What good boys they were through their baptism–they saw a lot of strange faces looking back at them—I’d love to know what they were thinking!!!!! I so enjoyed seeing and visiting with all of you even though it was way too short of a time! I’m sure Grandma Laurie is having fun spoiling Sam and Jack–will check in with her later! Have a great week….Love You–Carol

  2. Randy & Nancy says:

    It was great to see you and meet Jack and Sam this past weekend. They are the sweetest little boys! Was fun to visit with you on Saturday and also a very nice day on Sunday. The boys looked so cute in their little white outfits. Love seeing your pictures. Can’t wait until the next time you come home! Take Care-
    Love to all…Nancy

  3. Auntie Brenda and family says:

    Mini vans rock! I wouldn’t trade mine for anything even the kids love it. Glad you got it. Makes packing strollers, pack-n-plays, etc… sooooo much easier. Just think, where would the boys eventually go whiz whiz on a road trip if you didn’t have a van?
    Sorry we had to miss out on yet another special family event, but we thought of you all weekend long. Marc even had a nightmare that we had twins:) At 50 it would be not only a nightmare, but a miracle. Thanks again for keeping us up to date with all your exciting happenings. We love all the photos:) Congratulations Adam, we’re so proud of you. Glad you can stay in Omaha. All our love, The Giebels family

  4. Libby Luecke says:

    Stibbe Family,
    Rachel Wolf sent me the link to your blog when the boys were born and I have been a religious reader ever since 🙂 This post about you guys going to Fargo made me choke up a bit. How exciting.

    I also wanted to say that congrats to you guys about Adam’s match. My Dad is a radiologist and I can honestly say he did not miss a beat in our lives. He got to be a Dad every single day. Even if the job didn’t always allow that, he made it happen no matter what 🙂

    Your boys are beautiful.

    Libby Luecke (Landers)

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