New Blog Obsession

From time to time I Google blogs of mothers of NICU babies, twins, etc. My current favorite blog is:

As we’re nearing the time where Jack might be coming home in the next few weeks, I came across this posting and am now experiencing a mixture of about 100 emotions. Pure excitement at bringing him home, terrified that he won’t be on monitors 24 hrs/day, and sadness that he won’t be with Sam anymore.

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  1. Carol and Elton says:

    Hi Trish—I went to the blog you mentioned in this post and read for awhile this morning. What a helpful tool this is for other parents getting ready to take their baby home after weeks of such specialized care. I can definitely see where there would be quite the range of emotions involved and I’m sure you are feeling each and every one of them. You and Adam are wonderful, loving and strong parents who will manage this next step just as you have worked through all the others on this remarkable journey. Jack and Sam are so lucky to have you as parents and an extended family who can’t wait to meet them and shower them with all the love we have. You are always in our thoughts and prayers–thanks for staying in touch as well as you do—Love and Hugs to everyone—Carol

  2. Kim says:

    I am the Kimberly who wrote that post about my twin girls on the preemie 101 site. I am so honored that you found it helpful. As of now, my girls are 2 years old and have caught up significantly. They were born at 27 weeks, 6 days and were approximately the same weight as your sons. My heart goes out to you as you make your way through this journey. As you saw from my post, it was incredibly difficult to leave one twin behind but just know that those feelings will be almost forgotten as soon as the boys are together again.
    I would be more than happy to share any tips on preemie twins that I have learned or just offer support. You can email me at I know how busy your days are so if that is not possible, you can read my full story at Feel free to contact me at any point. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Afton Mower says:

    Hi Trish, this is Afton from Preemie Babies 101. I couldn’t help but take a look at your blog and your adorable twins! Thanks for your compliments about the site – I’m so glad you’ve found it helpful. Your little guys are soooo cute in their Christmas stockings! I hope the transition to bringing your boys home goes well and that the twins won’t have to be apart for long. Best wishes.

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