God is good!

The Stibbe family is happy to report that all things with Sam are looking up and things with Jack continue to go well!

We met with the surgeons yesterday who described Sam’s most current x-ray as “excellent.” The plan right now is to start slowly removing the drain on Tuesday (7 days from the day they put the drain in). This will take anywhere from 5-7 days; they will only pull out approximately one centimeter at a time. After the drain is out, they will start Sam on feedings. Right now, he is receiving nutrition through fat emulsions and TPN- supplements instead of breast milk because the doctors don’t want his little tummy to do any unnecessary “work.” They just want it to repair.

Sam gained 40 grams yesterday! However, he had two poops today so he probably lost all that 🙂  The poops are a GREAT sign- it means everything is back to working properly!


Some of the most exciting things that have happened lately…


I was able to hold Sam on Friday!!!!!!!!!!

Adam got to hold Jack today!!!!!!!

We gave Sam his 1st bath!!!!!!

On a side note… I just realized I have neglected to give my husband a huge shout out— he bought me the most beautiful diamond earrings as a present. They were supposed to be my “push present” for when I delivered; he then gave them to me as a “bed-rest bonus,” and then they became my “push present” again<–the pushing aka emergency c-section!

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  1. Susan Stibbe says:

    Adam, Trish, and boys – We are so happy things are going well. We love the updates! All our love to you all, always! Uncle Bill and Aunt Susan

  2. Carol and Elton says:

    Trish & Adam–Just read your post before leaving for church this morning where you all have been on our prayer request list–definitely a time to give thanks today! Great news on Sam–how wonderful it must have been to hold him and receive that news from the doctors. Soon he and Jack will be back together again! And Adam–all the gals are jealous of Trish for having such a sweet husband who gave her those beautiful diamond earrings!!! Your smiles on the pictures say it all—Love you–Carol

  3. Krysta says:

    I love love love these pictures. So cute!!! I can’t wait to hold my little buddies!

  4. Nichole Heinz says:

    Please move to Kansas City. There are tons of cute homes in our perfect little neighborhood that you and the boys can move in to and I can show you around and we can go on tons of playdates and have a grand time. I would love love love it!

  5. Jay Stibbe says:

    We are all thinking about the boys and you two. Stay strong!

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